Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is Umbrella Marketing? Name 3 Products of HLL which comes under Umbrella Marketing??

Umbrella branding refers to branding of products, services or ideas under the mother brand name. Mostly when the mother brand is very successful then the company extends this name to other new product lines and may be to the entire product mix.
Eg. Reliance had named many of its products upon its mother brand name of Reliance. Reliance energy, reliance poly-fibers, Reliance telecom etc..
Eg. Harley Davidson launching a range of apparels and accessories.

But this strategy is not always successful coz the stakes are high when u r using a successful brand name to promote a new product in the market. And once such a condition comes the superb mother brand suffers a lot bcoz of the new product failure.
Taking the same example as above....Harley Davidson though succeeded in positioning its apparels n accessories, but it failed when it used its good old brand name for a range of perfumes.
Eg: AMUL fearing this kind of failure launched its pizza chain in the name of "Snow-Cap Pizza".

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